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This heavy-duty lawn tarp holds up to the toughest cleanup jobs!

If you can humanly lift it, the Lawn Bag Tarp can hold it! The 8-ounce woven polypropylene material is strong and puncture-resistant. The polyethylene coating on this material provides extra durability.

This product does not tear or shred like traditional tarps. Sewn-in handles in each of the 4 corners makes hauling easy for 1 or 2-person jobs. This tarp is also Water-resistant and mildew-proof so it will not rot.

Product available in either 8 feet x 10 feet or 10 feet x 12 feet. Choose from a single or double-layer bottom.

Or get one of each size and save $10!

Buy (1) LT810 and (1) LT1101 by ordering Product Number LTKSINGLE.

Or buy (1) LT810DB and (1) LT1012DB by ordering Product Number LTKDOUBLE.
Item # Bottom Size Stock Status 1 – 5 6 + Qty
LT810 Single 8 Feet x 10 Feet In Stock $40.99 $37.99
LT810DB Double 8 Feet x 10 Feet In Stock $49.99 $46.99
LT11001 Single 10 Feet x 12 Feet In Stock $56.99 $50.99
LT1012DB Double 10 Feet x 12 Feet In Stock $65.99 $59.99

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