Leonard Quick Coupler Brass Hose Connectors

Leonard Quick Coupler Brass Hose Connectors

With up to 66% larger inside diameter, our ultra flow couplers mean you water faster!

Larger than standard quick couplers, for the convenience of quick attachment, without the water restriction of small ID couplers. Heavy-duty solid brass male and female couplers have standard hose threads.

Compare us to the competition! The inside diameter of our couplers is 5/8-inch; up to 67% larger than standard couplers on the market (3/8-inch to 9/16-inch), allowing you to get the most from your water pressure and volume.
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58CF Female Coupler In Stock $9.69 $9.13
58CM Male Coupler In Stock $5.09 $4.77

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1 Star

So close but so far wrote

I made a hefty investment in these, believing them to be the best ever made. After fighting them for a few years now I can report that they simply won’t come apart by hand, they’ll barely come apart with tools, even when greased. I’ve tried several oils and Super Lube synthetic grease. Once inserted, the male side will not come out unless I remove the whole assembly, chuck the female side in a vise, and use both hands on a wrench to twist & pull the male side. Often this destroys the O-ring. The only O-rings I’ve used are the ones AMLeo sells for these fittings - so that isn’t the problem.

A.M. Leonard responds:Customer service sent replacements for the defective product.

5 Stars

Great Connection wrote

We live on the road in a RV. There are frequent changes in venues with water con

5 Stars

Outstanding quick couplers! wrote

These are beautiful, high-flow couplers. This is my first year with them but the in-your-hand quality suggests they'll last many years. I'm writing this after bumping into some of my old "high quality" couplers in the garage this past weekend. Now that I'm used to the AM Leonard couplers the old ones made me laugh: at the flow restriction that made me toss them in a junk box. (They're now destined for metal recycling.) I frequently complain about the quality of products available these days but AML's couplers are top shelf.

5 Stars

good product wrote

doesn't leak

5 Stars

Better than expected wrote

No flow restriction