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Root Control Bags

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Cut your digging time by over 50%

100% made in the USA! The original fabric container for growing trees and shrubs in-ground.
High Caliper Growing designs their Root Control Bags (RCB) to make both growing and harvest easier and less expensive. They eliminate the need for expensive tree spades and moving equipment!The porous Root Control Bag allows nutrients and water to pass. This provides the tree with all the benefits of being field-grown. The RCB prevents roots from circling in the fabric. Some roots may penetrate the bag ? the tough fabric prevents further expansion by choking the root tip. This results in more lateral root branching, giving the grower a root-pruned finished product.Root Control Bags make growing a much more efficient process. Line your plants — inside of their RCB — out in the field. Then auger holes for the bags and fill with field soil. Plants grow on a two, three, or four-year cycle. This process makes harvesting easier — anyone can quickly dig around the bag for removal.The Root Control Bag greatly extends your harvesting season. Traditional ball & burlap digging methods cut away over 90% of a plants root structure during harvest. The RCB allows you to harvest over 80% of the root structure with the tree. This allows the grower to dig more year-round. A Root Control Bag tree is easy to dig in a wet and muddy field!Thanks to root pruning, the RCB allows you to grow a larger plant in a smaller ball size. The reduced ball weight makes plants easier to handle, move, and transplant. You can load more trees onto a truck, saving both time and money when transporting!Special requirements for harvesting more year-round:
  • Avoid digging trees that are actively leafing out or flowering.
  • Use a RCB at least one size larger than suggested caliper size at harvest.
  • Complete your digging early in the morning before the temperature increases and when winds are low.
  • Immediately move trees to a sheltered environment to protect them from the sun and wind.
  • Water the trees with a sprinkler. Ensure that both the leaves and the bag remain soaking for 4 or more hours.
  • Allow the root bags to dry for one day before moving or shipping. This prevents slumping or pancaking resulting from excess moisture.
You may dig up plants in the harvest season and hold them above ground all summer. The tree continues to grow thanks to the stored nutrients in the fibrous root ball. The roots air-prune at the interface as the fabric continues to improve root structure — all without circling or girdling!See below for buying options.
Item # Base Diameter Sugg. Plant Caliper Size Height Stock Status 1 – 14 15 + Qty
14RCB 14 Inches 1-1/2 Inch at Harvest 13 Inches In Stock $4.34 $4.12
12RCB 12 Inches 1-1/4 Inches at Harvest 11 Inches In Stock $4.34 $4.07
18RCB 2-1/2 Inches at Harvest 18 Inches 15 Inches In Stock $7.59 $7.15
24RCB 24 Inches 4 Inches at Harvest 15 Inches In Stock $8.59 $8.23

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