Sunlight Requirement Adhesive Labels, 4 In. x 2 In.

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Help your customers help themselves!

Should I plant this in full or partial sun? Would this plant do well in the shade? Do your sales associates answer these common questions frequently? If so, use these labels and save your associates for the tough questions!

These sunlight requirement labels measure 2 inches by 2 inches. The roll measures 4 inches in width. A perforation separates two side-by-side labels, so each roll contains 1,000 labels.

Easy to apply and easy to read. Simply attach the labels to the side of a pot. For a double-sided view, keep the perforation intact and wrap around the wire of a hanging basket.

Choose from either sun, part sun, or shade labels below.
Item # Light Requirement Stock Status 1 – 4 5 – 9 10 + Qty
UL2025 Sun 6 left, while they last!
$48.01 $64.99 $59.99
UL2026 Partial Light 7 left, while they last!
$48.01 $64.99 $59.99
UL2027 Shade 6 left, while they last!
$48.01 $64.99 $59.99


  • Length: 2 inches (single-sided) or 4 inches (double-sided)
  • Width: 2 inches

Product Features

  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to read
  • Use as your silent sales staff
  • 1,000 single-sided adhesive labels (500 if using as double-sided labels)
  • Use both labels on hanging baskets for visibility from both sides

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