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Toro NGE-AL New Generation Drip Emitter, 2.1gph, Bag of 100

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Toro NGE-AL New Generation Drip Emitter, 2.1gph, Bag of 100

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Toro emitter enhances drip irrigation with self-flushing and debris-free operation.

Toro's NGE AL emitter is designed specifically for demanding drip irrigation installations, making it the perfect choice for growing and landscaping professionals. With uniform flow rates, it excels in difficult topographical conditions. Its unique design and pressure compensating diaphragm ensure that the emitter self-flushes during operation and shuts down for easy cleaning. This prevents debris from clogging the system and guarantees a debris-free emitter at start-up. The design also prevents complete drainage of the system, reducing refill time and improving overall operation. Plus, the back siphoning inhibition prevents contamination with debris, ensuring the emitter stays clean. With a male adapter outlet, it allows for easy connection of 'Tee' and '4 way' fittings, making it ideal for irrigating multiple pots from one emitter. Sold as a bag of 100 emitters. Red Color has Flow Rate of 2.1 gph.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Product Name: Toro NGE AL Emitter
  • Application: Drip irrigation installations
  • Flow Rate: 2.1 gallons per hour (gph)
  • Uniform Flow: Yes
  • Self-Flushing: Yes
  • Pressure Compensating Diaphragm: Yes
  • Minimum Draining: Prevents drainage below 2-3 psi for a faster restart of system
  • Back Siphoning Inhibition: Yes
  • Male Adapter Outlet: Yes, allows Tee and 4-way fitting attachment to create spiders for multiple pot irrigation from one emitter
  • Suggested Operating Pressure: 8-60 psi
  • Color: Red/Black
  • Pricing: Per pack of 100
Product Features
  • Toro's NGE AL emitter is designed for demanding drip irrigation installations.
  • Uniform flow rates make the NGE ideal for use in difficult topographical conditions.
  • The unique emitter design and pressure compensating diaphragm allow self-flushing and easy cleaning.
  • Design stops the emitter from draining below 2-3 psi, improving system operation.
  • Back siphoning is inhibited, preventing debris contamination.
  • The male adapter outlet allows connection of 'Tee' and '4-way' fittings to create White Spider Assemblies for multiple pots.
  • Priced per pack of 100. Red color with a flow rate of 2.1 gph.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What makes Toro's NGE AL emitter ideal for difficult topographical conditions?
The uniform flow rates of the NGE emitter make it perfect for use in challenging terrain.

2. Why does the NGE emitter self flush during operation?
The unique emitter design and pressure compensating diaphragm self flushes to ensure the emitter is free of of debris.

3. What prevents the NGE emitter from draining completely?
The NGE emitter's diaphragm design ensures that it does not drain below 2-3 psi, preventing complete drainage of the system for a quicker re-start.

4. Can the NGE emitter be connected to multiple pots?
Yes, the NGE emitter features a male adapter outlet that allows connection of 'Tee' and '4 way' fittings to create White Spider Assemblies, which can irrigate multiple pots from a single emitter.

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