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XHOSE Pro Extreme Expandable Garden Hoses

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Not your typical garden hose!

XHOSE Pro Extreme is the original expanding hose. These hoses feature a tough multi-layer expandable inner hose housed in a folded outer covering. XHOSE equips them with a patent-pending stabilizer collar and crush-resistant brass fittings. Each hose expands to 3/4-inch in diameter. Choose your desired length below.XHOSE Pro Extreme Hoses are super lightweight and compact. The hose expands up to twice its length once the water starts flowing. Turning the water off causes the hose to contract back to its compact size. During use, it resists twisting, tangling, and kinking. The XHOSE makes it easier than ever to work in the yard, wash your car, and any other watering task. Its small profile allows you to take it on the go.XHOSE made significant improvements to its original design. With the Extreme line, they increased the thickness on the exterior webbing. They also opted for much stronger materials for every part of the hose. These improvements make the XHOSE better than ever. They even cover it with a one-year warranty!
Item # Length Stock Status 1 – 14 15 + Qty
XHOSEPRO-75 75 Feet In Stock $72.84 $71.45
XHOSEPRO-25 25 Feet Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$31.74 $30.95
XHOSEPRO-50 50 Feet Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$52.54 $51.45
XHOSEPRO-100 100 Feet In Stock $84.19 $82.45

Review Summary (Based on 8 Reviews)

1 Star

bad hose wrote

a very short 75 feet. do not like the stretch feature

5 Stars

3rd time wrote

I have tried this type of hose 3 times before, and each hose lasted about 2 weeks and then blew up. Each time I was treated with respect and got a replacement hose right away. But it looks that this time, with the Pro Extreme, we have a winner. I have used it for a month now and it works wonderful. Hopefully they have worked the "KINKS" out!

1 Star

Totally worthless!!!!!! wrote

This my 5th Pro hose that blew up. The last one I bought was on May 9th 2016, and was the new and improved version. It lasted longer than the other 4, but after 2 and a half a month it also blew a leak. A.M. Leonard has sent me a new one every time. But they informed me this time that they would only replace it once, and if it blew up again I would have to notify the manufacturer. Obviously I am not the only one complaining. GREAT concept but totally worthless. No reflection on A.M Leonard. Great company!!!!

1 Star

Big disappointment! wrote

My husband purchased this last year and we were very happy with this at first. Even though we have had it for 15 months, living in Western NY, we have not used it for very long--two summers and where it is located maybe use it 3 times a month. It just totally blew out and when we called AM Leonard we were referred to the manufacturer as there was only a one year warranty. Needless to say,the manufacturer was totally useless and would make no comment other than saying that there was only a one year warranty. Asked to speak with a supervisor and was transferred to a voice mail and our call was never returned. What a waste of money!! Even though we thought we were buying a better hose than many of the cheaper advertised ones, this was clearly not worth it. DO NOT BUY. Very poor quality and customer service.
A.M. Leonard has reached out to this customer for replacement

4 Stars

It works! wrote

I was wary after the reviews, but I have to say that this hose has worked great for me this season. The key is to not let it sit at full pressure for a long time. Mine has lasted for the entire garden season with daily use. I am impressed with it.

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