Hydretain Granular OC, 15 Pounds

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Hydretain Granular OC, 15 Pounds

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Easy to use granules reduce watering requirements by 50% or more!

Hydretain ES Plus is a unique root zone moisture-management product. It effectively reduces the overall watering requirements of plants, shrubs, trees, turf, and agriculture by 50% or more! Hydretain ES Plus is a proprietary blend of the patented Hydretain® soil moisture-management technology enhanced with an advanced, naturally derived soil surfactant. In combination, these synergistic technologies provide unequaled water conservation and drought stress reduction through efficient subsurface soil moisture management. In addition to reducing overall water requirements, Hydretain ES Plus works to provide the proper soil moisture needed to maximize the effectiveness of most fertilizer and pesticide products. Hydretain ES Plus Granular OC puts the power of Hydretain ES Plus in an easy-to-spread, environmentally friendly granule. It is convenient for dry spreader applications where liquid applications are impractical or labor intensive. Hydretain ES Plus Granular OC uses a rapidly releasing, biodegradable organic compost carrier to deliver the Hydretain ES Plus technology for all types of professional applications. You can easily apply Hydretain ES Plus Granular OC to localized dry spots, flowerbeds, around shrubs, trees, and containerized plants. It is also useful for large-scale applications such as golf courses, sports fields, residential lawns and commercial landscapes, etc. Sorry, we can not ship this item to OR.

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