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Florikan® 16-5-11 NPK MAX with Nanoprill, 90-Day Formula

  • 4 Stars
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# FLK16511
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Weight: 50.00 lbs

Use for greenhouse, propagation, perennials, annuals, etc. This 16-5-11 nano-prill formula is time-release for 3-4 months.

When using NANO, you will get 10 TIMES the prill count for more contact points than the standard CRF. 100% polymer-coated controlled release fertilizer, 100% water-soluble nutrients for maximum plant uptake, ammonium-nitrate based and is completely urea-free. This product is a classic 3:1:2 ratio for heavier feeders and is complete with a micronutrient package. NANO is great for greenhouse growers using 1 gallon containers, 4 inch and trays (annuals, perennials, seedlings, propagation, impatiens, pansies, vinca, herbs and more).

Safe, effective and economical to use with reduced water soluble program or eliminate the water soluble altogether since low incorporation rates provide maximum results. Break the feast or famine cycle. This product will finish crops and provide shelf life to reduce shrinkage at the sales level.


  • 16-5-11 formula
  • Contains magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, & manganese
  • "Nano" prills have 10-times the prills as other slow release fertilizers
  • 3 to 4 month release
  • 50 lb bags

Product Features

  • Provides 10 times the fertilizer particles than traditional fertilizers

Product Benefits

  • The small prill (particle size) means more product lands on the leaves, delivering more nutrients more efficiently

Application Rates

in landscape, 6 to 8 lbs per 1000 sq ft. For incorporating into a potting mix, 4 to 14 lbs per cu yd Container rates vary considerably; see label for details

Review Summary (Based on 3 Reviews)

3 Stars

Great for some, burn others wrote

Initially wanted florikan total but it was sold out. Got this nanoprill instead. Newbie here with plants and after researching south Florida sandy alkaline (non existent) soil and soil test at home kit (no nitrogen, too high to read Phos, and medium to high potassium) , knew I wanted controlled release and something close to a 3-1-2 or 8-2-12 (palm) or even something that has low Phos. Overall this blend worked well on most plans. Orange and lemon trees and poinciana along with lavender, knock-out roses, and Mexican Heather's love it however it caused burn on my avocado tree and citronella plant. They are mature plants so they survived, just had a lot of burned leaves and leave drop. The fertilizer did completely burn my beloved white champaca tree and it died despite removing the top soil so can get rid of the prill and a flushing of the root. Very sad. My inexperience is to blame . Will be coverting to compose tea instead now as my research continues. On the other hand, AM Leo is awesome company to work with and had very responsive customer service. I will definitely buy their other farming products in the future

5 Stars

My shrubs love this! wrote

I bought my 1st bag of this formulation of Florikan awhile back and griped about the shipping, but the performance was astounding, and I reviewed it here.

Out here in the generally cooler Pacific NW, I expected this product to perform longer than the 3-4 months label. Indeed, this is exactly what I found to be the case. I fed once for the season, and experienced no burning or any other adverse effects, and the shrubs/plants thrived all season.

As I mentioned before, the granule (prill) sizes is quite small, so I can easily and uniformly shake the product out of my “Spred-Rite G” handheld spreader also available here. For aging eyes like mine, I'll mention that the prill color is dark, like almost black, and it’s sometimes hard to see a pattern of application when applied to dark mulch or soil. I’d like the manufacturer to mix in some colored prills which would easily help with visibility. Prills are so small, that I can do foliar feeding, too without fear of burning. With the first rain (we have a lot of them out here!), the prills get washed off the leaves into the surrounding soil where they do their magic.

This time I waited for a “free shipping” event to buy another bag, so I won’t gripe anymore about that!

5 Stars

A great product for Pacific NW wrote

I had been searching locally and "next door" in Vancouver, B.C. for a balanced Nutricote formulation with minor nutrients, and in a Type 100. I especially wanted the short duration for release because of the shorter Summers here with cooler soil conditions. I had no luck finding anything close-by. I found this Florikan formulation at A. M. Leonard, and while I balked at having to pay freight to get it to me, it looked like just the ticket. I was also intrigued by the smaller prill size which I hoped would make for more uniform/even distribution of topcoat application. Wow! This product is a winner in the application department. The small prill size is a perfect match for my “Spred-Rite” granular spreader/shaker can. I am able to apply an evenly distributed topcoat around the dripline of large and small ornamentals, and apply it directly on groundcovers. My Italian Honey Fig tree has been the first beneficiary of the Florikan. If I can keep the deer away, I am looking at having a delicious crop very soon.

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