Groundskeeper II Rake, 21-Inch Wide

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Groundskeeper II Rake, 21-Inch Wide

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The Groundskeeper II Rake is a truly versatile rake, designed for making professionals' lives easier. It's lightweight and yet strong enough to do any task, thanks to modern materials. Torsion springs and sturdy angled tines do everything: finish grading, spreading mulch, lifting thatch, and much more. Super light and equipped with a 55" fiberglass handle and 21" co-polymer head. We also offer a 9in wide shrub rake version.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • 21" wide head (Also available with head)
  • 55" lightweight fiberglass handle
  • Co-polymer head
  • 6" long angled, spring-loaded tines
Product Features
  • The wire tines are hard enough to keep their shape, but the loop "spring" at the top of them offers flexibility.
  • The angled tines also dig in easily without any down pressure, enabling you to get more done faster, without the stress on your back.
  • Can turn it over and self-clean with one quick pass.
  • The lightweight fiberglass handle makes long reaches a breeze, and offers years of reliable service.
  • Proudly Made in the USA by TRG Inc.
Product Benefits
  • Spread mulch and fine rock
  • De-thatch small grassy areas
  • Clean up litter
  • Rake leaves
  • Prepare finish grade
  • Cover grass seed
  • Groom sand traps
  • QUESTION: How do I fasten the handle to the head? ANSWER: A rivet is included with the assembly, put the head on the handle, line up the holes, insert the rivet and hit firmly with a hammer.
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