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Keson K3XPRO ProChalk Combo Fluorescent Orange

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The perfect marking pair!

This kit combines a Keson 100-Foot Precision Chalk Line Reel and an 8-ounce bottle of Keson Fluorescent Orange ProChalk.

The Keson Precision Chalk Line Reel features a durable metal/ABS case with a synthetic braided line. Its BigMouth chalk port holds up to two ounces of chalk. Keson completes this reel with a 3x rewind with a clutch release and an oversized hook end. This reel gives you a thin, pencil-like line rather than a traditional chalk line.

Rank 2 ProChalk chalks come in two high-visibility colors. They offer an excellent flow for easy filling. A freshly chalked line gives you 4 to 5 clean snaps. These lines will wear or wash away naturally, resulting in very little cleanup.

The Keson K3XPRO ProChalk Combo gives you the perfect marking pair. This kit is perfect for a variety of tasks, including concrete layouts, masonry, paving projects, plumbing, electrical, and roofing. Keson proudly manufactures these products in the USA!
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