Landscape Fabric 4oz Non-Woven

  • 4 Stars
Landscape Fabric 4oz Non-Woven

New heavier 4 oz fabric is highly permeable to water, meaning less puddling and fewer mosquito problems!

Ideal for weed control, underliner, and soil separation. Designed to be used under mulch, stone, etc. Priced per roll. UPS shippable (12.5' roll is motor freight).
Item # Length Ship wt Width Stock Status 1 – 5 6 + Qty
NW4-236 360 ft 120 lb 12.5 ft In Stock $404.79 $377.55
NW4-336 360 ft 40 lb 3 ft In Stock $98.89 $93.82
NW4-436 360 ft 40 lb 4 ft In Stock $118.49 $110.81
NW4-636 360 ft 80 lb 6 ft In Stock $197.79 $183.12


  • 4 oz per sq yd
  • Rolls are 360 ft long
  • Available in 3 ft, 4 ft, 6 ft and 12.5 foot wide

Product Features

  • Rolls are UPS shippable EXCEPT 12.5' must go motor freight



Review Summary (Based on 5 Reviews)

1 Star

Horrible wrote

This is a felt like product I purchased two years ago. It is more of a weed mulch than a barrier. It stops nothing from coming up. After all the work, I have a huge amount of grass growing through the fabric. I don't know how anyone could sell something like this. Where you got the other reviews I have no Idea. What I'm supposed to do with 300 ft of this garbage I haven't a clue.

5 Stars

Best Landscape Fabric Ever! wrote

My husband and I plant a large, organic vegetable garden every year along with pumpkin and potato fields. Weeds are a big problem because we don't use herbicides and we are weekend gardeners, having full time jobs through the week. Trying to keep the weeds under control has been a huge challenge year after year and we have tried any number of products, including straw, to aid in this endeavor. We tried this landscape fabric last year for the first time and were very pleased with the ease of handling (cuts easily with kitchen shears or utility knife). We rolled this out primarily for the tomatoes and peppers (we plant a couple hundred plants each year). What an astounding difference this fabric made. The plants absolutely thrived - we ended up with some of the nicest yields we have ever seen. The weeds were nonexistent and the garden looked neat and tidy where we used the fabric. Yes, it is pricey - we didn't buy enough for all of the main garden or fields because of the cost and uncertainty as to whether it would live up to the claims - but when you consider it is reusable and it works!, the fabric is definitely worth the investment. We will purchase more this year for the vegetable and flower gardens, as well as other landscaping projects. We highly recommend this product to anyone who wants weed-free gardens but doesn't want to use herbicides or, like us, doesn't have the time to keep up with the weeds by hand.

5 Stars

Great for our organic garden wrote

Works well to keep weeds to a minimum and maintain soil temperature as we go into fall. Works very nicely with a drip tape irrigation system running under. Appreciate such a quality product that makes our work so much easier!!!

5 Stars

Landscape Fabric Review wrote

We use this fabric behind walls on top of the crushed stone fill area to prevent soil from filtering down behind the wall. We also use it various ways for small applications. This fabric is nice because it is fairly thick and seems to hold up well.

5 Stars

4 oz non woven fabric wrote

This fabric is absolutely wonderful in hardscape applications. We use this fabric in all of our patio and walls. We also use the fabric in water garden installations (below our liner) and with dry creek beds. It is durable and seems to hold up to the elements.

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