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Leonard All Steel Nursery Spades

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Dig into the toughest jobs!

We make our Leonard All-Steel Nursery Spades using high-quality steel. We equip these spades with orange powder-coated handles. You choose from either a straight or a D-grip handle. Next, we weld these handles to tapered steel blades. These blades feature a flat back and a turned foot step. Choose from either a 13-inch or a 15-inch long blade below.

We pre-drill holes into the foot step of these spades. These holes make it easy to attach one of our Rubber Foot Pads. See the grid below for details.

Use Leonard All-Steel Nursery Spades for nearly any nursery or landscaping task. Choose the 12-inch blade for general use. The 15-inch blade provides extra reach when you need to dig deep. The flattened back prevents the buildup of soil. The turned foot step gives you a larger surface area which allows for increased control when digging.

Leonard All-Steel Nursery Spades provide strength and durability without the added weight. This combination allows you and your crew to tackle nearly any job with minimal fatigue. Dig into the toughest jobs with your Leonard All-Steel Spade knowing that we back this tool with our lifetime warranty!

WARNING: All-steel shovels and spades should not be used in areas where underground electric lines, wires, or cables may be present.
Item # Blade Length Blade Width Handle Type Stock Status 1 – 4 5 + Qty
AM12L 13 Inches 7-3/8 Inches Tapering To 6-3/8 Inches Straight In Stock $84.19 $79.15
AM12 13 Inches 7-3/8 Inches Tapering To 6-3/8 Inches D-Grip Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$66.19 $62.55
AM15L 15 Inches 7-3/8 Inches Tapering To 6 Inches Straight In Stock $88.29 $83.14
AM15 15 Iinches 7-3/8 Inches Tapering To 6 Inches D-Grip In Stock $68.49 $64.67

Review Summary (Based on 26 Reviews)

5 Stars

Ahhhhhhhh!!! wrote

Only Spartans can use this shovel. It will make you feel like a warrior spearing enemies. It’s great!

5 Stars

My Early B-Day Present wrote

While I really like the fact that it is solid steel, I truly appreciate the excellent quality. Being 63 (64 in a few weeks) It was purchased for me by my wife as a gift. While I was initially shocked at the sheer weight of it, I told my wife that I am "gonna have MAJOR GUNS by the end of the gardening season! LOLOL - I truly love it! Shipping was super fast and I really appreciated the care in packaging. Overall, You guys are excellent!

5 Stars

I wanted a heavy duty edger. First time I held it. I knew it would be my last wrote

Needed edging shovel, found this shovel by chance. Glad I did

5 Stars

Marketing wrote

These are high quality spades, i have the drain spade. It practically digs itself. It'd be nice to see a picture of the blade/edge of the shovel so folks know what kind of spade they're getting.

5 Stars

Great cutting spade and lever wrote

Great edge for cutting thick roots. The long handle is also great for levering and popping small stumps and rocks.

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