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Leonard All Steel Nursery Spades

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Dig into the toughest jobs!

We make our Leonard All-Steel Nursery Spades using high-quality steel. We equip these spades with orange powder-coated handles. You choose from either a straight or a D-grip handle. Next, we weld these handles to tapered steel blades. These blades feature a flat back and a turned foot step. Choose from either a 13-inch or a 15-inch long blade below.We pre-drill holes into the foot step of these spades. These holes make it easy to attach one of our Rubber Foot Pads. Some models include a foot pad. See the grid below for details.Use Leonard All-Steel Nursery Spades for nearly any nursery or landscaping task. Choose the 12-inch blade for general use. The 15-inch blade provides extra reach when you need to dig deep. The flattened back prevents the buildup of soil. The turned foot step gives you a larger surface area which allows for increased control when digging.Leonard All-Steel Nursery Spades provide strength and durability without the added weight. This combination allows you and your crew to tackle nearly any job with minimal fatigue. Dig into the toughest jobs with your Leonard All-Steel Spade knowing that we back this tool with our lifetime warranty!WARNING: All-steel shovels and spades should not be used in areas where underground electric lines, wires, or cables may be present.
Item # Handle Type Blade Width Blade Length Footpad Stock Status 1 – 4 5 + Qty
AM12L Straight 7-3/8 Inches Tapering To 6-3/8 Inches 13 Inches No In Stock $81.19 $76.65
AM12 D-Grip 7-3/8 Inches Tapering To 6-3/8 Inches 13 Inches No In Stock $66.19 $62.55
AM15L Straight 7-3/8 Inches Tapering To 6 Inches 15 Inches No In Stock $85.29 $80.64
AM15 D-Grip 7-3/8 Inches Tapering To 6 Inches 15 Iinches No In Stock $68.49 $64.67

Review Summary (Based on 22 Reviews)

5 Stars

Great cutting spade and lever wrote

Great edge for cutting thick roots. The long handle is also great for levering and popping small stumps and rocks.

5 Stars

Terrific spade... wrote

"Holy mackerel" was my reaction to seeing this super-duty all steel shovel for the first time. Already owning a dozen shovels and with my wife's hobby of yard landscaping, I didn't expect to be wowed. But, I had no idea anyone made a shovel of this strength. The blade is just over 12 gauge (.112") thick, which is as strong as you'll find anywhere. The welds are perfect and it would inconceivable that we could bend or break this thing even if we tried. The handle shaft is slightly oval to prevent any bending, not that it would. The only possible negative is that it's about 50% heavier than a standard thin-blade/wood handled shovel -- but my average sized wife has no trouble using it and likes the weight of it for edging and other work. Yeah; it's expensive -- but this has to be the best shovel ever made.

5 Stars

Review on Leonard all steel spade wrote

Like the all metal spade

5 Stars

Serious shovel wrote

I got this shovel mostly for transplanting trees shrubs and perennials. Now this is the shovel I reach for when the diggin gets tough. This powers through roots like a boss and cuts through heavy mountain clay like buttah. I still prefer a lighter wooden handle shovel for everyday digging, but when you need it, this spade is a life saver. I just got done digging a French drain and it was great for smoothing the sides and bottom of the trench and the narrower blade made it easier to work in a deep narrow trench. This spade will last forever! I look forward to transplanting some shrubs without mutilating any roots or breaking any wooden handles.

1 Star

Too Heavy wrote

While the design may be versitile and good for edging, the weight of this shovel is far too heavy ... I simply cannot use it even though I workout at the gym and have considerable strength for a women. I would opt to send it back if it were not for the cost of return shipping.

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