Liquid Fence® Deer and Rabbit Repellent Spray

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100% money-back guarantee, and a great value! Lasts through up to 4 inches of rainfall for a full month!

Keep deer and rabbits away with Liquid Fence. All natural, long lasting Liquid Fence will stop both deer and rabbits from eating your flowers, shrubs, vegetable plants, trees and vines. Repels with a safe, natural egg and garlic base that will not harm plants or animals.

Once dried, it will remain effective through up to 4 inches of rainfall for a full month. So effective, it comes with a 100% money-back manufacturer's guarantee! Gallon concentrate, makes 10 gallons of spray solution to cover 20,000 sq ft. while the quart concentrate makes 3 gallons to cover 6,000 sq. ft.. This item is EPA restricted in Indiana and New Mexico.
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110LF 3 lbs Quart (covers 6,000 sq. ft.) In Stock $41.49 $39.41
111LF 9 lbs Gallon (covers 20,000 sq. ft.) In Stock $126.39 $121.21


  • Active Ingredients: 10.40% Putrescent Egg Solids, 3.74% garlic, 0.40% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, 0.48% Potassium Sorbate, and 0.010% thyme oil
  • Other ingredients: Water, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid, and Xanthun Gum, 84.95%
  • One available in one quart and one gallon containers
  • One gallon makes 10 gallons of spray

Product Features

  • Product may have a strong odor to humans until it dries, which will then be un-noticable to people but offensive to animals
  • Member tested and recommended by the National Home Gardening Club
  • Long lasting and rain resistant


Product comes with a 100% money-back manufacturer's guarantee



Review Summary (Based on 9 Reviews)

1 Star

Something has changed wrote

Worked well fo last 5 Year’s, this year the dear ignore it. I spray once a week and even more if it rains. All my hostas got wiped out one day after I liberally applied to plants.

4 Stars

Works on elk wrote

We have been using Liquid Fence for several years. It keeps our neighborhood elk from devouring our plants. It must be reapplied regularly, at least once a week and after rain. It smells horrible (like rotting meat and manure) until it dries. I make sure I am upwind when applying LF to my plants.

5 Stars

Liquid Fence works great! wrote

I have used Liquid Fence for years. I use it year-round, so deer are "trained" to stay away from my roses and hostas plants as well as my weeping cherry trees.

3 Stars

Keep your Receipt- you'll need the warranty wrote

Deer become accustomed to it. The company recommends decreasing the dilution (making the product even more expensive). But even at higher concentrations deer ignore it. You cannot depend solely on LF- it works up to a point.

2 Stars

Worked first Year / Failed second year wrote

I have used liquid deer fence for the past two years. The first year I had great results. This past year it seemed as though no matter how much I applied the deer still came. I contacted A.M. Leonard about this and about the money back gurantee. They said they would contact the manufacturer and get back with me but no one ever did. A.M. Leonard: We are working with the manufacturer to refund the product costs.

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