Pickup Wizard For Large Fruits and Nuts (1.25-inch diameter minimum)

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Weight: 3.65 lbs

Reduce hours of back breaking work with this handy gadget.

Easily picks up nuts and fruits. Just roll over fruits and nuts lying on the ground and the spring wire head traps them inside. To empty, spread the wire and the captured items fall right out. Or, use the included wire dumper to make emptying even easier. Dumper attaches to a 5 gallon bucket or box. Place the Nut Wizard over the wire dumper and turn.

Use for general pickup including: almonds, black walnuts, liquid amber seed balls, hickory pig nuts, limes, lemons, oranges, apples, golfballs, tennis balls (from 1.25-inch to 4-inch diameter). For smaller items like acorns or crabapples, etc., please consider the NW12.


  • Basket is 10" wide and 9.5" deep.
  • Wood handle is 4' long.
  • From outside of basket to outside is 12 7/8".
  • Wire dumper, item NDL, is included.


Product is covered by A.M. Leonard's 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


    • QUESTION: Which of the two Nut Wizards will pick up those spikey "sweetgumballs" that fall off a Sweetgum Tree?
    • ANSWER: Our feedback from customers on this is that the large one, the NWW, works best. The small one does not work well because the basket wires are too close together to allow the spikey balls to pass through.

Review Summary (Based on 50 Reviews)

5 Stars

Nut wizard wrote

I took a chance on this and I’m amazed at how well this works. It makes picking up the enormous amount of drop apples from the yard. I’m not sure how well it would work on apples in tall grass or rotten apples, but it’s perfect for the recent drops. One of the most useful, sturdy tools that I own! It really is fun to use!

3 Stars

Nut Wizard wrote

I use this tool for picking up the nuts/seeds from a sweet gum tree. It picks up most of the nuts with one sweep, but sometimes does not. This normally depends upon how far down into the grass the nut is embedded. However, it sure beats picking them all up by hand. The tool is also difficult to empty, unless I am doing something wrong: no instructions were included.

5 Stars

Windfall Apples a Breeze wrote

I purchased the Large Pickup Wizard with the sole purpose of making picking up Windfall Apples easier. It worked SO MUCH better than I had even hoped for! So long as the apple wasn't completely rotten they popped into the cage without any fuss - in fact it was so much easier and faster to pickup with this tool that I purposefully shook the tree to knock down all the rest that were no good. Would gladly purchase again!

5 Stars

Worth Every Penny wrote

My wife and I had debated purchasing a Pickup Wizard for years now. In that time, every one of the dozens of Black Walnut trees around the perimeter of our farm has grown exponentially - producing more and more walnuts each and every year. The Pickup Wizard is literally worth every penny. It is an incredible time - and back - saver. We should have bought the Pickup Wizard years ago. We have no complaints. The Pickup Wizard for large fruits and nuts works well with black walnuts, shellbark hickories, and large crabapples. The black walnuts are easiest to capture while they are still freshly fallen - green and intact. The nuts can still be picked up after they have separated from their husks but it's a much dirtier task. Ideally, it would be advantageous to use the Pickup Wizard two to three times per week. But, even using it just once a week, prior to mowing, it works incredibly well and saves an enormous amount of time. We will definitely be purchasing one for everyone in the family.

5 Stars


Awesome tool, sturdy, works very well.

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