Plantskydd Water-Soluble Deer, Rabbit and Elk Repellent Spray

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Powerful repellent against deer, rabbits and elk. It lasts 3-4 months in summer and up to 6 months in winter! Plus, it's a foliar fertillizer, too!

This all-natural deer repellent lasts up to 3-4 months during the growing season, AND up to 6 months over winter. It is most effective because it repels by scent; yet it has a non-offensive odor to people.

The active ingredient is dried blood meal, recognized by the EPA as environmentally safe. OMRI-listed as an organic solution, this was developed for commercial forest planting in Sweden, but is now produced in the USA! Rainfast in 24 hours. Repels deer, rabbits and elk. Plus, it acts as a foliar feed fertilizer on many plants.
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SK22 22 lb (treats 4,000- 6,000 seedlings) In Stock


Active ingredient: Dried blood (porcine) 99.84% and (vegetable) oil 0.16%

Product Features

Repels by scent which has been proven to provide better results Non-offensive odor to people. Active ingredient is dried blood meal, recognized by the EPA as environmentally safe. OMRI listed. Developed for commercial forest planting in Sweden.

Product Benefits

Plantskydd Deer Repellent acts as a foliar feed fertilizer for many types of plants. Bloodmeal, the active ingredient, has long been recognized as an organic fertilizer. Studies performed by Pennsylvania State University showed the effectiveness of Plantskydd.


Manufacturer sells product without warranty.


    QUESTION: Does Plantskydd really work? ANSWER: Plantskydd was developed to protect trees in industrial markets but it is equally effective in protecting other plants. Soil and Water Conservation Districts sell and/or use this product in c

Review Summary (Based on 6 Reviews)

4 Stars

Slightly unpleasant to mix and use, but very effective KJ from NE wrote February 02, 2012

Most other products don't seem to last beyond one light rain or snow, whereas Plantskydd definitely adheres better. Being an urban area with a high rabbit population and a limited food supply here in Omaha, NE, winter chewing damage can be substantial. This winter I've been applying it at the recommended mix ratio about once per month and damage has been dramatically reduced. The only drawbacks to Plantskydd are that the powder can be messy and tough to mix well (mixing in a bucket with a paint mixer in a drill works well for me) and, since Plantskydd contains blood, you have to be careful about over-spray as it will stain. But considering how effective it has been for me, the minor inconveniences of Plantskydd are more than tolerable.

5 Stars

Plantskydd Review T. Tedesco, Christmas tree farmer from PA wrote September 27, 2011

I have been using Plantskydd for many years. I apply it in the fall to my Christmas tree plantation. It keeps the deer away until the following spring when deer are able to find food again. I have experimented with Plantskydd skipping a few trees. The trees that are not sprayed are heavily browsed by the deer. The trees sprayed are left alone. This past fall I did not spray. Several of my trees had the center leader broken by bucks rubbing their antlers on the trees. These trees are now ruined. It pays to spray with Plantskydd. I also think the deer become aware after several seasons that the trees are not a good food source.

5 Stars

Plantskydd Barb from MI wrote September 26, 2011

I have 5 acres of wooded property that is home to a number of deer. We recently planted a lot of small trees and were really concerned about the damage which might be done by the deer. I sprayed them with plantskydd and was extremely happy with the results. Almost no damage at all. I also tried spraying it on my flower garden to keep the rabbits away and it worked wonderfully well. I would definitely recommend this product.

5 Stars

Effective Product! Melanie W. from NM wrote September 26, 2011

We are a landscape maintenance company based in Santa Fe, NM, where hungry rabbits vastly outnumber humans. We maintain some 100 properties and are constantly battling rabbits & other animals. There have been many repellents in the crews' arsenal over the years. Before we switched to PlantSkydd this summer, we were faithfully applying a stinky spray, yet still we'd return every week to empty, munched pots and short stems where annuals had once been. We began using PlantSkydd 2 months ago and have not had an issue with the animals since. Another wonderful feature (for our crews and for our clients) is that the product is also not stinky. We are very happy with PlantSkydd.

3 Stars

Plantskydd review Pete from PA wrote September 26, 2011

The product comes in a powder and is really messy when adding water. Despite the mess, I was able to mix up a small quart spray bottle. It worked for about 20 squirts, but the powder didn't mix very well & plugged up my squirt bottle. Had to clean it several times. The next time I used it, I just used a spoon and sprinkled it on my flowers. Unsure as to its effectiveness as I used multiple products, but still had several tulips eaten within a week or two of usage.

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