RZ Mask M2 5 Environmental Mesh Dust Mask Large

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RZ Mask M2 5 Environmental Mesh Dust Mask Large

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These masks combine comfort with efficiency for all-day wear!

RZ Masks™; Dust Masks have a lightweight mesh fabric construction. These reusable masks feature a dual-exhalation valve system as well as an adjustable nose clip and straps. Each mask includes two standard F1 active carbon filters and a convenient storage bag. This is a size large mask.

RZ Mask™; M2.5 Mesh Dusk Masks are lightweight, breathable, and have moisture-wicking properties. The adjustable nose clip and straps ensure a comfortable fit while creating a 360-degree seal. The nose clip also prevents your glasses or goggles from fogging up during use.

The RZ Mask's™; dual-exhalation valve system removes moisture and keeps out any unfiltered air. This process keeps you comfortable yet still provides maximum protection for your lungs. The included F1 active carbon filters block 99.9 percent of particles as small as 0.1 microns. These masks are also compatible with RZ Mask™; F2 High-Flo Filters.

To change filters, first remove both one-way discharge valves by twisting the inside valve counterclockwise. Next, remove the valve cap and valve base from the used filter and discard the filter. Place the valve base into the two holes in the fresh filter. Align the valves with the holes in the RZ Mask™; and insert. Finish by aligning the valve caps with the grooves on the valve base and pressing/twisting clockwise to lock in place.

RZ Mask™; M2.5 Environmental Mesh Dust Masks are the perfect combination of comfort and efficiency. In fact, these masks are comfortable enough for all-day wear. Once your mask starts to get dirty, simply wash it and it is ready to go!
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