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SnowEx 100-Pound Broadcast Spreader

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A professional-quality walk-behind spreader!

SnowEx designs their 100-Pound Broadcast Spreader with a durable powder-coated frame. This walk-behind spreader features a non-corrosive LLDPE poly hopper. This hopper holds up to 100 pounds of rock salt or other pelletized material. A 10-gauge wire grid keeps large chunks out of the hopper. The 10-inch plastic spinner operates via a Nylatron® gear drive assembly. SnowEx includes a poly hopper cover with each spreader. SnowEx builds this spreader with the professional in mind. It is ideal for sidewalks, entryways, and other pedestrian areas. It distributes material in up to a 20-foot diameter. The SnowEx 100-Pound Broadcast Spreader has a single-slot port design and an extra-wide opening. These features allow for a smooth, consistent flow of material. Gain even more control by picking up an optional SP65 Deflector Kit.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Spreader design: Walk-behind
  • Empty weight (pounds): 25
  • Overall length (inches): 50
  • Overall height (inches): 28
  • Overall width (inches): 26
  • Hopper length (inches): 18
  • Hopper width (inches): 23
  • Hopper material: LLDPE
  • Hopper capacity (pounds): 100
  • Hopper color: Safety yellow
  • Broadcast diameter (feet): 20
Product Features
  • Walk-behind spreader
  • Powder-coated frame
  • Non-corrosive LLDPE poly hopper
  • Wire grid hopper screen
  • Nylatron® gear drive
  • Includes a hopper cover
Product Benefits
  • Ideal for sidewalks, entryways, and other pedestrian areas
  • Distributes rock salt or other pelletized material in a 20-foot diameter
  • Wire grid screen keeps large chunks of material out of the hopper
  • Single-slot port design and extra-wide opening allow for a smooth, consistent material flow
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