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41% Glyphosate Herbicide, 2.5 Gallon Jug

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41% Glyphosate Herbicide, 2.5 Gallon Jug

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A broad spectrum post-emergence herbicide for weed control.

Penetrates plants through leaf surface and moves to the roots quickly to provide complete control of broadleaf and grassy weeds, brush and vines. A complete professional herbicide for industrial, turf, and ornamental weed control. Concentrated formula can be mixed to varying rates and volumes for your specific application. Active ingredient: 41 glyphosate joined with a surfactant for greatest performance. 2-1/2 gallon container. A.M. LEONARD'S SUPPLIER CARRIES VARIOUS BRANDS, DEPENDING ON CURRENT COSTS. ALL BRANDS ARE EQUIVALENT TO EACH OTHER.

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Active ingredient 41% glyphosate. Inactive ingredient 59% including surfactant. 2.5 gallon container. Can be used on crops with the Roundup Ready gene.
PFR Warranty
Manufacturer warrants product conforms to the chemical description on the label.
QUESTION: Why does your CL41 come in a variety of brands? Sometimes it is Clearout 41 Plus, Buccanneer Plus, Credit Extra, or Honcho Plus. ANSWER: The active ingredient is 41% Glyphosate. At one time, Monsanto had the rights to use Glyphosate in Roundup. When that copyright ran out, they could not renew it. Many chemical companies then came forward with their own version, often at a competitive price. So you will find many other brands besides ours on the market. QUESTION: The Clearout 41 Plus brand has "Danger" on the label's precautionary statement, while other 41% glyphosate makers put "Caution" or "Warning". Why? ANSWER: There are three levels of precaution on labels: "Caution", "Warning" and "Danger". The last one, "Danger", implies the user must take the most extreme steps for safety and precaution when using. The reason Clearout 41 Plus says "Danger" is because one of its inactive ingredients is an emulsifier the EPA deems to be caustic to eyes, and can cause permanent damage. Therefore, it earned a "Danger" on it's label.
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