Agritape Root Zone Heater 11" Wide Custom Lengths Over 10ft.

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Agritape Root Zone Heater 11" Wide Custom Lengths Over 10ft.

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The best buy we've found: a durable, economical alternative to more expensive models. Agritape uses 2 copper conductors, bonded to tough, sealed mylar film. Thermostatic control gives uniform heating- place them under growing trays or pots, or bury under beds. Grounding screen and thermostat required- available separately. Agritape By the Foot - 11" wide sheet. 20 watts per foot. 25' maximum length per piece. Priced per foot. Not for use with "GFI" wiring. 11CAG - sections over 10'.

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Product Specs
20 watts per ft., 11in. wide sheet, priced by linear foot. 25ft. maximum length per piece. Factory Service Charge ($10.00) for Agritape orders (per order, not per piece, so a thermostat would count toward this minimum) less than $80.00. Not for use with GFI wiring (Ground Fault Interruption). The manufacturer says the Agritape can build up static electricity on the surface which causes the GFI to trip, (like a breaker), causing an interruption in the power flow. This is not hazardous to use, just an inconvenience, because you would need to repeatedly reset the GFI. This doesn't happen all the time; it depends on the conditions (such as humidity).
Product Features
These Agritape heating mats can be put directly in moist soil or growing media, as long as it is not spagnum peat moss (it is flammable). Grounding Screen (Product # AGS11) and Thermostat (Product # ATJR) are required to use Agritape.
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PFR Warranty
Manufacturer supplies a one to two-year warranty.
QUESTION: Can any thermostat be used with Agritape? ANSWER: It may be possible to use other makes of controllers with Agritape, but we cannot promise the performance or how acurately it will control temperature.
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