Field Staking

A.M. Leonard's field stakes come in several shapes, colors, and sizes. We offer a great selection of bamboo, steel, and fiberglass stakes that are designed for professional use and built to last a long time. Whether you are looking to support plants, control deer, or stake tomatoes, beans, and other plants in your garden, here you will find reliable stakes at fair prices.
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  1. Image 1 of the Bamboo U-Shaped Trellis, Bundle of 100
    Bamboo U-Shaped Trellis, Bundle of 100
  2. Image 1 of the 10-Foot Natural First Cut Premium Bamboo Stakes, 24-26 mm Diameter, Bundle of 40
    10-Foot Natural First Cut Premium Bamboo Stakes, 24-26 mm Diameter, Bundle of 40
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If you are a professional landscaper, gardener, or farmer looking for flexible and strong staking products for multiple applications, our Natural First Cut Premium Bamboo Stakes are a great choice. Sturdier and more elastic than wood, these bamboo stakes are attractive, sustainable, easy to install, and will last. Our customers rave about their versatility -- uses range from staking container trees to creating plant teepees. And as always, A.M. Leonard offers our professional customers a great price on a variety of bundle sizes.

For those seeking durability and chemical resistance, Takiron's Steel Stakes are an ideal alternative. These field stakes are a subtle green color that will blend in well with your plants. Sturdy, chemical-resistant, and waterproof construction ensures that these stakes will not warp, rot, or rust -- plus their smooth surfaces will help reduce plant damage.

From fiberglass tree stakes to bamboo trellises, here you'll find superior-quality field stakes that you can reuse time and time again. Browse A.M. Leonard's field production inventory and find the right fit for your operation.