Garden Trellises

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Garden trellises from Gardener‘s Edge are the perfect addition to your growing garden. Space-saving and sturdy, trellises help climbing plants grow tall and strong. With a variety of styles, shapes, and materials, shop here for your trellis needs.

Do you need a simple, space-saving solution for your garden? Our garden trellises can help! We supply fan and expandable options, perfect for keeping wall-growing vines moving upwards and organized. Grow roses, cucumbers, or squash from a convenient and contained space in your garden with trellises from Gardener‘s Edge. Whether looking for aesthetic value or for practical garden solutions, take some time to browse through our trellises and other plant supports today!

Trellises in your garden don‘t have to be restricted to wall space. Try our free-standing options! Our beautiful Windmill Obelisk stands six feet tall and features intersecting bars within four panels to help vines climb upward. Its rugged steel construction and multi-paneled surface keep it stabilized despite harsh weather conditions. For a more rustic way to give support to your garden plants, try our Bamboo Teepee Trellises. Available in multiple sizes with a popup, three-sided display, these structures are both convenient to use and easy to store.

Keep your garden in tip-top shape with functional and attractive garden trellises from Gardener‘s Edge. Whether saving space or simply giving your plants some extra reinforcement, you can‘t go wrong with these secure structures. For more great ways to grow your garden, browse through our garden supports, supplies, handy tools such as garden pruning shears and garden knives, and more!