Material Handling

Material Handling

Getting the job done right means always having the materials where you need them, when you need them. Flatbed carts, wheelbarrows, tree carts, and utility carts can make material handling much quicker, safer, and more efficient. Our premium-quality A.M. Leonard brand wheelbarrows and carts make nursery, growing, and lawn care jobs much easier.

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Nursery and landscaping professionals are constantly coordinating all kinds of activities: monitoring deliveries to make sure the ordered lawn care supplies have arrived, overseeing distribution of the plants to various beds, and having large bags of bark or mulch delivered to plant beds. We carry tools to facilitate all of these landscaping tasks and more.

We have high-quality, heavy-duty wheelbarrows, utility carts, tree carts, and flatbed carts to move whatever you need to move, wherever it needs to go. These tools come in your choice of pneumatic or flat-free tires and in a variety of sizes so you can have the right tool for any job.

We also carry quality tarps and tie downs to protect your materials from the always unpredictable elements once the materials have been moved into the correct location. Our foldable clean up bags and totes are made from durable, puncture-resistant fabric and can make clean up quicker and easier.