Personal Protection

Landscaping, gardening, and any other horticultural profession is punishing work, and protecting your body is essential to keeping you safe, healthy, and productive. At A.M. Leonard, we offer a wide variety of personal protection products designed for professional use. From back support to knee pads, do not go another day without the protection and comfort you need and deserve.
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  1. Image 1 of the Back Support Belt Breathable Elastic LG
    Back Support Belt Breathable Elastic LG
  2. Back Support Belt Breathable Elastic XL
    Back Support Belt Breathable Elastic XL
  3. CLMH Arborist Helmet, Yellow
    CLMH Arborist Helmet, Yellow
  4. CLMH Arborist Helmet, White
    CLMH Arborist Helmet, White
  5. Image 1 of the Splash Guard Face Shields
    Splash Guard Face Shields
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When it comes to personal protection in the garden, nothing beats a reliable kneeling pad. Our top-selling, 5-star-rated Leonard Waterproof Kneeling Pad is a great choice for professional gardeners spending long hours on their knees. No matter the season or weather conditions, this durable pad will keep your knees dry, clean, and comfortable.

For workers that spend time lifting large tools, boxes, and other heavy objects on the job, proper back support is essential. Our breathable back support belt features elastic suspenders with hook and loop tabs for your increased safety.

A.M. Leonard is committed to offering reliable, well-built products designed for professionals by professionals. Take a look at our selection of personal protection supplies and choose the right products for your needs.