Pruning Saws

Trees are the largest, most notable plants in any landscape. But with their size also comes the need to keep them well maintained. Keeping the trees in a landscape pruned and looking well-manicured goes a long way towards keeping the entire landscape looking clean. A.M. Leonard has the pruning saw selection and other pruning tools and equipment that you need to keep your trees looking great.

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  1. Image 1 of the Leonard Replacement Blade for A700 Saw
    Leonard Replacement Blade for A700 Saw
  2. Image 0 of the ARS Folding Pruning Saw, 7-inch Curved Blade
    ARS Folding Pruning Saw, 7-inch Curved Blade
  3. Image 0 of the 5-inch Silky PocketBoy Folding Saw with Carrying Case
    Silky PocketBoy Folding Saw with Carrying Case, 5.1-inch (130 mm) Blade
  4. Image 1 of the Replacement Blade for Corona Razor 10in Tooth Folding Saw
    Replacement Blade for Corona Razor 10in Tooth Folding Saw
  5. Image 1 of the Felco Model 640 Pruning Saw with Sheath 10 3 5  Inch Curved Blade
    Felco 630 Pull-Stroke Pruning Saw 10.6" Curved Blade
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Landscapers understand that pruning trees presents unique challenges. Pruning shears can handle smaller branches, but larger branches require the use of larger tree trimming tools like a pruning saw. A.M. Leonard has the garden tools and pruning saws to prune any tree. Our selection of pole pruners and saws has got you covered for trees that may be out of your reach.

Folding hand pruning saws are very useful do to their unique portability. They are easy to open and have no scabbards to drop or lose. We carry high-quality pruning brands such as our own Leonard brand, Felco, and ARS brands in both curved and straight blades and in a variety of sizes. For tasks that require more precision, consider our selection of pruning knifes

Regular hand pruning saw are also available. Some models come with scabbards, some do not. We have various styles, including razor tooth and hardwood saws. Blade sizes range from a compact 4 inches to 26 inches. The smaller hand pruning saws are excellent for pruning flowering shrubs and bushes. For tackling larger bushes, our hedge sheers can assist you in getting the job done. Bow pruning saws make it easy to control where the blade goes as you cut. A variety of replacement saw blades are also available so you know you can always have a fresh, new sharp one standing by.

Quality BrushKing brand shearing knives feature stainless steel razor sharp blades that can help you make short work of pruning. No matter how many trees you need to prune or what size they are, A.M. Leonard has the garden tools to help you do the job efficiently.