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Neptunes Harvest 5 3 0 Crab and Lobster Shell Meal


Organic plant food and pest repellent in one package!

Neptune?s Harvest Crab & Lobster Shell Meal is a multi-purpose plant food. This OMRI-listed product is an excellent dry source of nutrients. It is especially rich in calcium (17%) and magnesium (1%). Choose your desired packaging below. Crab & Lobster Shell Meal is excellent for organic gardening. It works well for flowers, vegetable gardens, and even your lawn. This product increases moisture retention and builds up organic matter in the soil. It also gives your plants? roots a reliable food source. This product works exceptionally well at controlling certain pests. It repels slugs, snails, moles, voles, and mice. Crab shell is high in chitin, which promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria. These chitin-eating bacteria eliminate ants, grubs, fungus, and root nematodes. Please review the label below for product warnings and suggested application rates. Many gardeners have experienced excellent results with this fantastic product. It has proven to create deeper, healthier root systems.
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