Nurseries and landscapers understand it is not just about watering the plants or watering the lawn. Too much or too little water can be harmful. Plants and lawns need the correct amount of water to truly thrive. A.M. Leonard sprinklers can help ensure each plant and lawn gets the correct amount of water to thrive.
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We carry sprinklers from quality brands such as Orbit, Rainbird, and Wobbler. Impulse sprinklers with brass sprinkler heads are an excellent choice for lawn sprinkler systems. A lawn sprinkler system can make delivering the right amount of water much easier and more efficient. A.M. Leonard has everything you need to set up a complete and automated sprinkler system including sprinklers, sprinkler heads, hoses, timers, splitters, and couplers. Sprinkler stands can help your sprinklers reach even greater range. We have a variety of models to greatly extend the range of your sprinklers.

Our quality oscillating sprinklers are simple to use and can be easily moved to other areas as needed. They are perfect for even coverage over a smaller area and can provide a gentle flow over delicate flowers and plants. Traveling lawn sprinklers are great for even coverage over a large area so you can be sure even the largest lawns get the water they need.

All of our sprinklers can help make sure you have less wasted water from over watering. Using the correct amount of water costs less, is better for the plants and lawn, and can also help avoid the problems associated with puddling and pooling.