Tree Diaper, 24", Square

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Tree Diaper, 24", Square

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Irrigation and protection in one package!

Do you plant trees every year? Has your investment in trees been lost due to drought or extreme temperatures? Do you have difficulties in watering your trees on a regular basis? Take advantage of natural precipitation (rain and snow) by using a TreeDiaper‚ treemat to reduce your dependence on manual watering. This product does it all!
  • Automatic recharging rain/irrigation water (Almost maintenance free!!)
  • Slow-releasing irrigation
  • Weed control
  • Root protection
  • Soil erosion protection
TreeDiaper‚ is an advanced plant hydration system and different from watering bags. It is the first and only landscaping irrigation product to combine the functions of slow release irrigation, automatic recharging with natural precipitation, weed control, and protection against extreme weather conditions (winter and summer) into one low-cost package.

The super slow release - in terms of weeks for TreeDiaper‚ compared to hours for watering bags - and large watering area provides enough water for the trees and shrubs to survive, and more importantly, encourages the newly planted trees and shrubs to grow roots into surrounding environment to seek water to thrive. Therefore, TreeDiaper‚ is a plant protection system that promotes healthy growth and better integration. See the LINKS tab under this product at for testimonials, pictures, and instructions.

This TreeDiaper24S treemat is great for your shrubs and little trees (Max. 1.5 inch caliper). It can be placed on the top of various types of soil &/o the addition of mulches. It consists of one center-hole design that allows easy installation/handling and stabilization. The TreeDiaper‚ treemat is made from durable materials and good for lasting of plant establishment and after.

Product Information

Product Features
  • Dimensions: 24-inch square, 1 pieces
  • Materials: Plastic fabrics and super absorbent polymer
  • Shape: Square
  • Product Weight: .5 pounds
  • Color/finish: Top - black / Bottom - light grey
  • Plant Caliper/Selection: up to 3 inches
  • Features: Two half rings with ears
  • Water Storage (approx. MAX): 7 gallons
  • Keeps ground cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter
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