Weed Barriers

Lawns and plant beds need regular weeding and maintenance to keep them looking their best. Using a weed barrier or landscape fabric from A.M. Leonard saves you time, labor, and money by cutting down on the amount of weeding needed. Our eclectic selection of landscape fabric, weed block, anchor pins and lawn weed control will keep costs down and plant beds beautiful with less work. Shop below and be sure to browse the rest of our turf and landscape management supplies.
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We offer both woven and non-woven landscape fabric for different applications. For a durable cover that controls weeds and reduces the need for chemical and weeding, woven landscape fabric is the pick. It provides over 98% light blockage, is permeable to air water and nutrients and may be cut to desired shape easily with scissors. Non-woven landscape fabric is key for use under mulch or stone. It allows water to pass through, preventing puddling and provides better drainage than its woven counterpart. For preventing weeds around trees and bushes, be sure to check out mulch tree rings. Flexible but sturdy, these rings allow air and water to pass through but are excellent at blocking weeds.

We also carry a variety of pins and stakes which keep weed barriers or landscape fabric in place throughout the season; metal anchor pins which easily pierce overlapped fabric, removable and reusable, cost-effective plastic anchor pins, and biodegradable stakes which break down over time, eliminating the removal labor.

If you have mulch that has faded with sunlight, but remains effective, try our mulch coloring. This product spruces up the appearance of your mulch, helping it look newer longer and saving the time, trouble, and cost of replacement mulch. For other landscaping solutions, be sure to check out our gardening and landscaping tools section. Since 1885, A.M. Leonard has been helping yard and garden enthusiasts work, grow, and innovate with exceptional products and customer service. Let us know how we can help you.