Weed Control

Keep weeds out of your pots and containers without the need for backbreaking weeding and dangerous herbicides. At A.M. Leonard we are committed to offering natural solutions to protect your growing containers from unwanted invaders. Whether you are a professional gardener or nursery worker, we will be the first and last stop for all your weed control needs.
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Our popular CocoDisks are an innovative option for those seeking out 100% natural weed control. These highly rated, biodegradable discs prevent the growth of weeds while allowing air and water to move through freely. Say goodbye to time-consuming weeding and expensive sprays -- and hello to an easy and weed-free future.

Another great option for controlling weeds in pots and containers is our Geodisc UV-Resistant Weed-Blocking Discs. Created from non-woven fiber fabric and a latex coating, these discs are easy to install and built to last. If you are working with herbicide-sensitive plants, this is the perfection solution.

In your line of work, weeds are never a welcome sight. Protect your potted investments with help from A.M. Leonard. Our cutting-edge products and high-quality nursery supplies will keep your plants healthy, happy, and free of unwelcome intruders!