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Coco Weed Guards


A natural solution to controlling weeds in potted plants!

Coco Weed Guards feature a 100 percent natural design. The compressed coconut fiber construction naturally biodegrades over time. Each disc measures 1/4-inch in thickness. Sold in cases; choose your desired diameter below. Use Coco Weed Guards to control weeds in your potted plants. They are a much safer alternative than expensive and dangerous chemical herbicides. They also improve watering efficiency by retaining moisture. Coco Weed Guards save you both the time and money spent pulling weeds. These discs suppress the growth of weeds yet still allow air, water, and fertilizer to pass through. Their design allows roots to breathe and prevents the buildup of heat experienced with plastic discs!

Product Information

Product Features
  • All-natural weed control disc
  • For use with potted plants
  • Compressed coconut fibers
  • Naturally biodegradable
Additional Product Information
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