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Echo Bed Redefiner 28.1cc Power Boost Vortex Engine, 59in Straight Shaft

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Echo BRD280 cuts a crisp, beveled groove along the turf edge, leaving a professional, manicured finish!

This new Bed Redefiner is one of their most revolutionary products to date. Flower bed and mulch bed edges erode over time and need to be redefined to maintain a fresh, welcome appearance. Echo's performance class 28.1cc Power Boost Vortex engine powers the Bed Redefiner's replaceable six-finger cutting claw.

The claw is manufactured from high-grade steel with specially designed carbide tips on each cutter for improved durability and performance. An adjustable height wheel accommodates variable depths and the 59-inch straight shaft allows easy use under trees or other obstacles.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Engine Displacement - 28.1cc
  • Fuel Capacity - 21.6 fluid oz
  • 59" straight shaft with flex cable drive
  • Blade Length - 7.75 inches
  • Blade Thickness - 2.5 inches
  • Dry Weight - 18 lbs
Product Features
  • Unique, six-finger blade geometry
  • Rubber throttle control handle
  • Over-sized high-impact nylon shield with guide marker
  • Large, adjustable support wheel
  • Replaceable steel blade with carbide tips
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