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EZ KUT G2 Lopper

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The ultimate in ratcheting loppers!

G2 Loppers feature EZ Kut's patent-pending MAX technology. This technology allows you to cut large-diameter branches without reducing your reach. EZ KUT outfits these loppers with telescoping handles, which they make using aircraft-grade aluminum. These handles extend from 18 to 42 inches. They equip these contoured handles with all-rubber grips.

The G2 Loppers also feature SK-5 hardened steel blades. These dual-profile blades offer an aggressive tooth set on one side and a smooth transition blade on the other. Patented oilier bolts allow for constant lubrication of crucial pivot points. A proprietary strap keeps the loppers locked when not in use.

These loppers are ideal for landscapers, arborists, and gardeners. They offer a generous 3-1/2-inch cutting capacity. When fully extended, they give you a reach of nearly 10 feet. EZ KUT's MAX technology allows the jaws of the lopper to open fully without sacrificing any of this reach. Their non-stick SK-5 blades slice through even the hardest woods with relative ease.

EZ KUT designed their G2 Loppers to be the ultimate ratcheting loppers. The non-stick blades resist sap buildup. Once the blade wears, you can either sharpen it or completely replace it. The handles, which are also replaceable, offer a great combination of strength and comfort. EZ KUT covers all parts of these loppers with a lifetime warranty!

To store or transport your EZ KUT loppers, we suggest using an EZ KUT Sling Pak.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Product weight (pounds): 3-1/2
  • Product length (inches): 30
  • Product width (inches): 11-3/4
  • Handle length when not extended (inches): 18
  • Extended handle length (inches): 42
  • Blade material: Steel
  • Cutting capacity (inches): 3-1/2
  • Handle material: Aluminum
Product Features
  • Ratcheting loppers
  • Patent-pending MAX technology
  • Contoured telescoping handles with all-rubber grips
  • Dual-profile SK-5 steel blades
  • Patented oilier bolts
  • Locking strap
Product Benefits
  • Ideal for landscapers, arborists, and gardeners
  • Replaceable blades and handles
  • MAX technology allows for a large cutting diameter without sacrificing reach
  • Cut through hardwoods with relative ease
  • Handles extend to provide with you with a reach of nearly 10 feet
  • Oilier bolts simplify blade lubrication
Product Warranty Information
The manufacturer covers this product with a lifetime warranty.
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