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Felco Model 100 Cut-and-Hold Hand Pruners, 1-inch Cutting Capacity

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Ideal for cutting roses and other flowers; cut-and-hold makes it easy!

Felco quality with a cut-and-hold convenience. Blade set has attached grips which hold onto cuttings. Ergonomic handles with vinyl coating, shock-absorbing spring action, a wire cutting notch and a sap groove. 8-inch overall length; weight of 9 oz.

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Product Specs
  • 8" overall, bypass pruner with cut and hold attachements on each blade.
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PFR Warranty
  • Product is covered by A.M. Leonard's one year warranty against manufacturer defects.
  • QUESTION: What is the "dual blade opening" described above? ANSWER: You can set the thumb latch (lock) in two positions; one will allow the blades to only open up about a half-inch so as to keep the blades from springing open too far when doing smaller diameters and more delicate cutting. The next setting will open the blades all the way each time you want to make a cut, for bigger applications. There is also a third positioning for the thumb latch, which is to lock the blades shut when not in
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