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Kelway Meter Acidity Tester

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Kelway Meter Acidity Tester

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Popular among universities and rose growers!

Soil pH meter - From the same great maker of the HB2 meter, comes the soil PHD, a lighter-duty version tester that is just as accurate as the HB2. Accurate to within a +/- .2 pH in acidic soils. Lasts for years when properly cared for. The PHD is scientific and does not operate on batteries. Use in slightly moistened soil to get readouts you can depend on.

Product Information

Product Specs
6.25" long overall, probe is 1 and 7/8" long. Blue plastic housing. Does not measure moisture like the HB2.
Product Warranty Information
Manufacturer provides it to be free of defects upon arrival, otherwise no other warranty applies. Not repairable, and no replacement parts are available, but will last for years when handled with care. A lighter-duty version of the HB2.
Product Features
These are not made for saline or alkaline soil with a pH over 7.5+ pH.
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • QUESTION: How does the meter work? ANSWER: The meter utilizes a tiny flow of current through the two metal plates located on each side of the units housing.
  • QUESTION: Which side of the cleansing sheet do I use? ANSWER: Use the dull side.
  • QUESTION: Where can I get the green conditioning sheets to clean the Kelway Acidity Tester? ANSWER: Find them HERE.
  • QUESTION: Can the meter be calibrated? ANSWER: When not in use the meter should read neutral at pH of 7. There is an adjustment screw in order to calibrate periodically if needed.
  • QUESTION: Why test for soil acidity? ANSWER: Nutrients cannot dissolve in very acid or alkaline soil.
  • QUESTION: Why choose a direct reading soil tester? ANSWER: Litmus paper is not accurate enough and is difficult to use and interpret. Laboratory glass electrode ph meters require buffer solutions, temperature control, power sources,clean equipment and are very fragile.
  • QUESTION: Where is this product made? ANSWER: It is made in Japan
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