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Hedge Shear, 9In Wavy Blades, 29.5In Overall by A.M. Leonard

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Achieve Precise Trimming Comfortably with Leonard Hedge Shear's Wavy Blades.

These shears balance performance with light weight for comfortable work! Lifetime warranty. SK-5 High Carbon steel wavy blades are chrome plated to resist rust and last a lifetime. The wavy edge design holds twigs while cutting to prevent slipping and to ensure a uniform finish.

Produces smooth, even cutting of hedges, pines, vines, etc. Tubular aluminum alloy handles have comfortable molded composite grips. Shock absorbers and comfort handles save your hands. Our Wavy Blade Hedge Shear is the perfect blend of performance and comfort. The Gardening Products Review put it to the test, stating that it "cuts like a dream" and is "built to last". Read the full 5-star review here.
Reviews from the field
"Third pair of shears purchased and these are, by far, the best. Substantial and solid construction. The wavy blades make it easy cutting for ornamental grasses." [Click to see all reviews]

Product Information

Product Specs
  • 20in long handles
  • 9in blades
  • 29 & 1/2in long overall
  • Chrome plated blades
Product Warranty Information

  • This product is covered under A.M. Leonard's exclusive Lifetime Warranty Program. Click Here for more Details.
Product Features
  • Wavy blades are suitable for holding the foliage in the blade while cutting it
Product Shipping Weight
  • 2.8 pounds
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What makes the Leonard Hedge Shear a good choice for trimming hedges?
The Leonard Hedge Shear is a great choice for trimming hedges due to its SK 5 High Carbon steel wavy blades. These chrome plated blades resist rust and last a lifetime. The wavy edge design helps hold twigs while cutting to prevent slipping and ensure a uniform finish on hedges, pines, and vines. The 9in blades and tubular aluminum alloy handles with comfortable molded composite grips make it comfortable to handle while trimming.

2. Are the Leonard Hedge Shear's blades suitable for cutting different types of foliage?
Yes, the wavy blades of the Leonard Hedge Shear are suitable for holding foliage while cutting, making it appropriate for trimming different types of hedges, pines, and vines. The wavy design helps to prevent slipping and creates a smooth, even cutting edge, ensuring uniformity in the trimming process.

3. How long are the handles of the Leonard Hedge Shear?
The Leonard Hedge Shear has 20in long handles, making it easy to reach high hedges and bushes without the need for a ladder. This makes it comfortable and safe to use for extended periods.

4. Is there a warranty provided with the Leonard Hedge Shear?
Yes, the Leonard Hedge Shear comes with a lifetime warranty. This warranty helps to give the user confidence that their purchase is protected against manufacturing problems or defects.

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