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PHC Mycorrhizae Injectable for Trees 3.5lb bag

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For established trees and shrubs in high-stress situations!

Working to increase the absorption ability of the roots, mycorrhizae aid in the absorption and transfer of water and mineral nutrients from the soil to the plant. Also introduces 6 species of beneficial bacteria which improve soil fertility by: nitrogen-fixing, phosphorus solubilizing and biodegrading soil organic matter, and releasing mineral nutrients. Includes humic acid, sea kelp extract, soluble yucca plant extract, nutrients, amino acids, proteins, vitamins and sugars. Effective on all trees and shrubs except Rhododendrons, Azaleas, and Mountain Laurels. Avoid hot injection systems, as prolonged heat above 115 degrees kills the spores. Application rate for established trees and shrubs: 1 quart on 2.5' - 3' centers. Combine one packet "A" and one packet "B" with water to produce 50 gallons of injectable. Each unit contains enough packets to create 350 gallons of injectable solution.NOTE: THIS REPLACES PHC'S MT916 WHICH HAD A LOWER QUANTITY OF PACKETS TO CREATE SOLUTIONS; THIS MAKES SEVEN, THE MT916 MADE FOUR.

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Avoid hot injection systems as prolonged heat above 115 degrees kills the spores. Each box contains 7 "A" packets and 7 "B" packets that you mix together to make your solution. Contains both endo- and ecto-mycorrhizal fungi.
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