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Union Razorback Forged 5 Tine Manure Fork With 48in Handle

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Engineered to last!

Razor-Back® forges the heads of their Manure Forks using a single piece of steel. This 9-3/4-inch wide head features five 12-1/2-inch long oval-shaped tines. They mount this head to a 48-inch hardwood handle and reinforce it with a Flex-Beam connection.

Use Razor-Back® Forged Manure Forks to transfer manure, hay, straw, or barley. They are perfect for clearing and replacing mulch around your plants and shrubs.

The single-piece forged head and solid head-to-handle connection make Razor-Back® Forged Manure Forks extremely tough. Razor-Back® backs each quality fork with a lifetime warranty!

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  • The manufacturer covers this product with a limited lifetime warranty.
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