Razor Back Western Pattern Aluminum Scoops


The perfect mix of weight and durability!

Razor-Back® Western Pattern Scoops feature an aluminum head. The western pattern blade has ribs to maximize its overall strength. This lightweight head attaches to a 31-inch hardwood D-grip handle. A steel cover encases the D-grip handle, preventing twisting and breaking during use. Choose your desired size below.

Razor-Back® Western Pattern Scoops are perfect for scooping and moving materials. Use them to transport grain, seed, fertilizers, or other granular materials. They also work well for general cleanup of mulch, sand, or soil.

Razor-Back® Aluminum Scoops provide the perfect mix of weight and durability. Aluminum naturally resists rust, allowing these scoops to last through seasons of use. Razor-Back® backs these scoops with a lifetime warranty!
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