SIMPOLE Hammering Post Hole Digger

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SIMPOLE Hammering Post Hole Digger

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Dig easily, dig quickly, and dig accurately!

The SIMPOLE™; Hammering Post Hole Digger features heavy-duty, retractable handles on a guided track. These weighted handles act as slide hammers or a sliding ram to hammer blades into the ground. The SIMPOLE™; measures 59-3/4 inches in overall length and weighs 24 pounds. The handles extend to 17 inches when in use. The 8-inch long blades are 7 inches in diameter.

The patented SIMPOLE™; Post Hole Digger allows you to dig post holes easily, quickly, and accurately. This tool hammers blades into the soil while requiring you to lift only the weight of the handles. With this method, the blades rest right on the mark the entire time. Graduated depth markings on the side of the handles provide accurate measurements at a glance.

To remove the soil, allow the handles to rest at the bottom. From this position, twist the handles a quarter turn to lock them into place. Finish by separating the handles and lifting the tool out of the hole. The manufacturer backs this quality tool with a 1-year warranty!

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The manufacturer backs this quality tool with a 1-year warranty.
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