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Snapshot 2.5 TG Granular Pre-Emergent Herbicide, 50 lb Bag

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Snapshot 2.5 TG Granular Pre-Emergent Herbicide, 50 lb Bag

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A trusted, long-time customer favorite-Protect ornamentals with up to 8 months of control for hundreds of broadleaf and grassy weeds!

Protect against 100+ different types of broadleaf weeds and annual grasses in 400+ field-grown and 200+ container-grown ornamentals without harm - more than any other pre-emergent herbicide available, but do not use with new transplants. Broad spectrum control of weeds for: perennials, landscape ornamentals, ground covers, Christmas tree plantations, nut and fruit trees (non-bearing), and ornamentals (container and field-grown). Snapshot covers 10,869 to 21,739 square feet, perfect for nursery containers, landscape beds, and ground maintenance. Application rate: 2.3 to 4.6 lbs. per 1000 square feet, depending on weeds to be controlled.

Important note: must apply material before rainfall or irrigation; otherwise, work into the top 1-2 inches of soil. 50 lb. bag.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Active ingredients: trifluralin: a,a,a-triflouro-2,6-dinitro-N, N-dipropyl-p-toluidine.....2.0% isoxaben: N-[3-(1-ethyl-1-methylpropyl)-5-isoxazolyl]-2,6-dimethoxybenzamide and isomers.....0.5% Inert ingredients......97.5%
  • Fifty pound bag.
Product Features
  • Save valuable time and money by significantly reducing weeding time! Granular material is easily applied, creating a barrier that kills weeds as they germinate. Broad Spectrum control of weeds and grasses using active ingredients isoxaben and trifluralin. Bonds to soil particles and is low in water solubility so it doesn't move out of the application zone. Apply in spring before germination, or from late summer to early fall, anytime after cultivation.
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PFR Warranty
  • Manufacturer warrants that this product conforms to the chemical description on the label when used in strict accordance with the directions. See Specimen Label for details.
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