You Might Need an Account Manager if...

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Put a check in the box next to the ones that sound like you.
You like to do business the “old fashioned way” by working with
someone who cares about helping you succeed.
You spend too much time tracking or following-up on your orders.
You are tired of sending employees off the job to replace a broken
tool of lesser quality.
You are always wasting time sourcing specialty or hard
to find items.
You need a solution or idea to solve a problem, but don’t know
where to start.
You typically spend over $5,000 a year on horticultural tools
and supplies.
You need fast turnaround time on your orders.
You want someone who has your company’s best interest in mind.
You value a friendly, knowledgeable, single point of contact.
You need backing from a company with over 125 years experience
in the horticultural industry.
You could benefit from access to over 600 vendors in the
horticultural industry.
You would like to choose from over 5,000 items that are in stock
and ready to ship same-day.
You don’t have time to plan ahead and are always waiting until the
last minute to order supplies.
You are looking for a high-quality line of hand tools that have a
lifetime guarantee.
You could use an assistant, but your budget won’t allow it.

  1 TO 3
It sounds like you are doing a great job, but we still might
be able to help.
  4 TO 9
Some days are okay, but others are a blur. Seems like you
could use an extra hand.
  10 TO 13
All your days run together and there are never enough hours
to get everything accomplished. (We wish you had called
sooner !!!)
  14 TO 15
DON’T JUMP!!! You feel totally out of control and never
ahead of the game. Sit down and take a deep breath because
Just call 1-888-558-8665
Your Corporate Account Manager is just a phone call away!