BioBee BioAphidius Aphid Control

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BioBee BioAphidius Aphid Control

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Great aphid control for both indoor and outdoor plants!

Aphidius colemani is a polyphagous parasitoid that belongs to the family Braconidae. This species of wasp uses around 40 aphid species as hosts during their reproductive cycle. BioBee, a world leader in integrated pest management (IPM), packages these beneficial insects and ships them directly to your door. Each BioAphidius package contains approximately 500 mummified aphids (at least 50% females) mixed with fine sawdust.

A. colemani is native to North America and is common in North Africa, the Middle East, India, and the Mediterranean region. The adults are small, slender wasps with black, brown, and yellow coloration. The wasp's overall size depends on the size of its host aphid, but averages around 2 millimeters in length.

Use BioAphidius to control many aphid species, including green peach aphids (Myzus persicae), tobacco aphids (M. persicae nicotianae), and cotton aphids (Aphis gossypii). The optimal temperature range for these wasps is between 68‚° F and 86‚° F. If temperatures are below 68‚° F, the adults remain inactive. An adult female parasitoid may perform several hundred oviposition attempts within her lifespan. Each female averages around 200 successful implantations during this time. BioAphidius works well for all crops targeted by aphids. Use them with both indoor and outdoor vegetables, ornamentals, and more.

BioBee ships BioAphidius in temperature-controlled Styrofoam boxes which minimize mortality during shipping. Each mummified aphid contains a single A. colemani pupa. To use, hang on plants as close to the infested area as possible. Within one to five days, depending on temperatures, the adults will emerge, mate, and hunt for suitable hosts. Two to three weeks after release, you will notice mummified aphids. This mummies will eventually hatch into adults and continue the cycle. Do not remove the mummies from the container. Determine your necessary distribution rate based on the nature of the crop and the severity of infestation.

These live insects MUST ship via two-day air. Please call for pricing. This product is not valid for any free or reduced shipping offers.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Species name: Aphidius colemani
  • Target pests: Many aphid species including green peach aphids, tobacco aphids, and cotton aphids
  • Crops: Vegetables, ornamentals, and more
  • Approximate insect count: 500
Product Features
  • Aphidius colemani
  • Easy-to-use distribution method
Product Benefits
  • A completely natural aphid control colution
  • Temperature-controlled packaging minimizes mortality rate during shipping
  • Self-repeating cycle of insect activity ensures continued control
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