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BioBee BioEretmocerus Whitefly Control


A highly effective control for multiple species of white fly!

BioBee's BioEretmocerus is Eretmocerus eremicus, a tiny parasitic wasp that is native to North America. They are pale yellow with green eyes and antennae. Eretmocerus, parasitizes greenhouse whitefly, sweet potato whitefly, silverleaf whitefly, and more. Female Eretmocerus lay eggs between the immature whitefly and leaf. The egg hatches around four days later and develops as an external-internal parasitoid.

Apply 1-1/2 parasitoids per 10 square feet. Repeat weekly until whitefly has been controlled. While the bottle is closed, set it horizontally and turn to mix the media with the predator. Sprinkle over plant leaves or place into a BioBee D-Box.

These live insects MUST ship via two-day air. Please call for pricing. This product is not valid for any free or reduced shipping offers.
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