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BioBee BioHB Beneficial Nematodes


Naturally controls many species of grubs!

BioHB is one of Biobee's beneficial nematode species. This species targets grubs, including white grubs (scarabs), cutworms, black vine weevils, flea beetles, and corn root worms. These nematodes are supplied in packets that can be kept refrigerated for several weeks until needed.

Beneficial nematodes are tiny non-segmented worms that naturally parasitize several insect pests. They are most effective against insect stages that dwell in the soil.

To use, dilute with water and apply via a spray or drench. It is important to use the correct nematode species for the pest that you are targeting.

These live insects MUST ship via two-day air. Please call for pricing. This product is not valid for any free or reduced shipping offers.
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