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BioBee BioPersimilis Spider Mite Control


This predator naturally controls spider mites!

BioBee's Bio® Persimilis is the predatory mite Phytoseiulus persimilis. P. persimilis is of South American origin and is a well-known biological control agent against spider mites. Its range of distribution is worldwide. Bio® Persimilis is packed in a 100cc bottle containing predatory mites mixed in a vermiculite carrier. Each bottle is shipped in isolated styrofoam boxes chilled with icepacks. This packaging must be kept intact until it reaches the end-user.

The adult female P. persimilis is an orange/red pear-shaped mite rather longer than its prey. It has longer front legs and a characteristic rapid movement when disturbed or exposed to bright light. The nymphs are oval and pale pink in color.

Bio® Persimilis can be sprinkled from the bottle over the crop or Sprinkle over plant leaves or placed into BioBee D-Box. The former application method is good for horizontal crops whereas the latter is more effective in vertical crops. As an obligatory predator, P. persimilis feeds only on spider mites. Absence of these mites will result in the death of the colony. Bio® Persimilis is compatible with selective conventional chemicals (according to the list of compatible chemicals provided by BioBee).

Prior to opening, place the bottle in a horizontal position and rotate gently to allow proper mixing of the predatory mites in the vermiculite carrier. P. persimilis should be introduced upon first sign of spider mite damage. The release rate depends upon the nature of the crop, the ecosystem (e.g. open field or greenhouse) and the level of spider mite infestation. Temperatures of 70-80°F and humidity above 60 percent will enhance this predator's activity and ensure its success. If necessary, Bio® Persimilis can be stored for 24 hours at a temperature of 46-50°F from the minute of arrival until release, but it should never be frozen.

These live insects MUST ship via two-day air. Please call for pricing. This product is not valid for any free or reduced shipping offers.
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