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Black Steel Grid Fencing 100 Foot Roll


Make your deer fence even better!

This Black Steel Grid Fencing features a 1-inch square grid design made from welded 19-gauge steel wire. This hot dip galvanized grid has a black PVC coating. Choose your desired height below. Sold in 100-foot long rolls. Use Black Steel Grid Fencing in tandem with your existing deer fence. The grid design keeps out smaller, chewing animals like rabbits and groundhogs. The PVC coating makes the fencing rust-proof. The small opening also makes it difficult for dogs to bite through the fencing. We recommend securing along the ground with the same stakes used to anchor your deer fencing. The black color of this grid fencing makes it blend in with your Deer Fencing. It is nearly invisible when viewed from a distance. The hot-dip galvanization process results in a much better product than cheaper, electro-galvanized fencing. This grid fencing protects your property for up to 30 years!
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