BlueHose 1 In Diameter with 3 4 In Fittings


New and improved fitting provides additional versatility!

Customer-tested and approved! A 1-inch hose with a 3/4-inch fitting? Whoever heard of such a thing!? Did you know that 1-inch hose, even one with 3/4-inch fittings, moves more than double the water volume of a 5/8-inch hose at 65 PSI? Need to lower the friction loss you experience with smaller hoses? This hose is the answer. Lighter than any other rubber hose, it is ozone-, UV-, and abrasion-resistant. This hose will handle hot water up to 200? F and is cold weather flexible to -50? F. The hose fits your normal hose bib, sprinkler, nozzles, and everything else a normal hose fits. Ideal for contractors, professionals, and DIY — anybody who wants to move a lot of water quickly. Please see the video links below for more information on water movement as well as the changes to the hose fittings.
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