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Braun Premium and Custom 25-degree Vermeer Wire Baskets, Sold by the Pack


Braun continuous wire quality that can't be beat for durability, strength and appearance!

Fits many Caretree, Vermeer and Truncated spades. Each basket is formed from a single continuous wire, instead of welded loops, to increase overall strength. Premium baskets are so strong they can be moved with chains hooked to the basket. (Generally not an acceptable method with other basket manufacturers.)

Carefully designed for a tailored fit for many of the current tree spades, which reduces the amount of crimping, saving time and ensuring a good-fitting basket. Malleable wire allows for pigtail crimps, which stay in place, and keep a neat, tight rootball for the final destination. Wire is top quality, no seconds, and no sacrifices. Produced from only the best galvanized wire available; you can rely on the quality.

Custom baskets use a slightly lighter gauge wire for a cost advantage, but maintain overall basket performance. Premium wire gauge: 11-gauge for 14 - 22 inches; 10+ gauge for 24 - 28 inches; 9-gauge for 30 - 34 inches; 8-gauge for 36 - 40 inches. Custom wire gauge: 12-gauge for 18 - 22 inches; 11-gauge for 24 inches; 10-gauge for 28 -32 inches.
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