Budding Grafting Tape, Poly White .5in x 300ft, .004 Gauge

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Tough outdoor grade vinyl stretches with plant growth. Excellent for pecans, walnuts, citrus, avocado, stone fruits and more. Available in clear or white. In two styles: budding/grafting (B/G), .004 gauge in 300' rolls; or chip budding (C/B), .002 gauge, 800' rolls.

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White budding/grafting tape. 1/2in., .004 gauge, 300ft. roll. Alternate items are: 3423 1in., .004 gauge, 300ft. roll, white.; 3405 1/2in., .004 gauge, 300ft. roll, clear.; 3424 1in., .004 gauge, 300ft roll, clear.
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