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Buddy Tape® Grafting Tape, Non- Perforated

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Save time and labor costs!

The best characteristics of rubber strips, nylon tape, wax and paraffin! Buds and grafts succeed at a high rate. The secret is its elasticity - a gentle stretch makes it self-adhesive. Seals the bud or graft tightly. Keeps the bud moist and secure while allowing air to permeate the wound. Permits a young, healthy bud to emerge through the tape. No need to remove by hand: biodegradable in sunlight. Works well in cold or hot weather. Recommended for: deciduous fruit and nut trees, roses, grapevines, citrus fruit trees, coniferous evergreens, ornamental trees, deciduous shade trees, and bonsai trees. Fast and easy for both T and chip buddings! 25mm x 60m roll.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Made of paraffin and rubber
  • Breaks down naturally without leaving a residue
  • Can be stretched up to eight times its original length allowing the user to get more out of a roll
  • Expands as the plant grows, avoiding girdling
  • Self-adhesive when stretched allows for quick application
  • Water-proof so the bud or graft will not dehydrate while still allowing the bud to breathe
  • Eliminate the need for waxing
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